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Why should my company have a web-site?

A good question, and one that we hope this page will go a long way towards explaining, if you'll bear with us...

Advertising: Having a Web site is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available today. Your customers can see details of your products or services 24 hours a day. If your company offers something that can be easily shipped abroad, your Web site can be reached by almost any country in the world just as easily as it can by someone in the next street. You can publish an up-to-date stock/price list as often as you wish, making sure your potential customers are as well informed as possible.

Information: Many people feel the need to learn more about something before they make a commitment to purchase, but do not wish to call the company for fear of being drawn into a lengthy discussion with a sales person. The chances are that the Web site can answer any questions they may have about your company before they call, allowing them to feel better informed about what your company has to offer.

Communication: Your company can use a Web site to keep its own staff informed about products and services. For example, if you have a large fleet of representatives on the road, laptop computers and GSM modems (not to mention WAP mobiles, PDAs and Wireless Internet) can allow them to keep in constant touch with the latest company news, product prices and availability without having to constantly distribute printed matter to them.

E-mail: If your company is serious about doing business in today's climate, you NEED e-mail. Perhaps you already have e-mail addresses from an Internet Service Provider, such as Freeserve or AOL. Your Web site can carry information request "forms" on which potential customers can enter details of their requirements, or other queries. This information can then be sent to your mailbox instantly, letting you know the answers to the questions your staff would ask the customer. You can then reply to the customer with information relevant to their needs. You can also save e-mail details from those people that make enquiries in order to inform them of future offers that may be of particular interest.

Won't I need to buy a lot of new equipment? Many people believe that having a Web site means investing heavily in a lot of new computer hardware and software. This is not the case. All our off-the-shelf Web site solutions are hosted on our own servers, so all your business will need is a computer to retrieve your e-mail enquiries. There is a very good chance that you already have a system perfectly capable of performing this task.

But hasn't the Internet "bubble" burst with all these dot-com businesses folding? A few companies that were selling something (maybe sports goods, for example) using the Internet and only the Internet have gone under. Most of these concerns borrowed heavily to start these ventures and couldn't realise the profits required to sustain the business. Your company is probably selling its goods or services in the "real world" and would be using the Internet to supplement its current advertising and to streamline its business communications. The Internet is here to stay - it's not going to go away.

OK, what do I do now? Simple, call us on 01293 434224 or e-mail us by clicking here and we'll have a friendly chat and, if you wish, arrange a meeting to discuss how the Internet can help your business. Remember, our service is not simply one-dimensional; we can provide your company with all it needs to get up and running, from computers, printers and modems to networks, software and on-going technical support.

I'm not convinced; I don't think I'll bother. OK, if we can't help you right now, we strongly recommend that you at least stake a claim to your little piece of Web-estate by registering your domain name. This is the "address" by which people find you on the Internet (such as www.tesco.com). This can be done for as little as £30 and it guarantees that no one else will register your name before you. If you do this, it also allows us to direct e-mail to whatever address you currently use, whilst the public sees your more prestigious company domain. (Which looks better: info@daves-cars.freeserve.co.uk or info@daves-cars.co.uk?)

Call us on 01293 434224, or e-mail us by clicking here.



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