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Communications Solutions


Non-Geographical Numbers

Receptionist taking a call

In the UK you will probably be aware of the widespread use of 0800, 0845 and 0870 telephone numbers. There are many other types of numbers, and they are used by organisations and business users to help the caller and the called party in many ways.

They are feature-rich services that do a lot more than direct your customer telephone calls to you. Consumers and customers dialling your 08xx numbers are delivered to you after passing through our sophisticated telecoms applications software on our Intelligent Network (IN). The IN applies any special rules for routing calls that you have set up with us, which includes the ability to queue the calls in our network until your agents are available to take the call.

There are many other added value features that help you cope with high call volumes, route calls based on your needs and manage your calls whatever the circumstance.

What kind of 08xx numbers are there and why use them ?

0800 is widely known as the Freephone (or Freefone) service. 0808 numbers are freephone too and this range has been introduced to make more free numbers available.
Callers dialling 0800 numbers expect the call to be free and number owners can expect higher call volumes than if the caller had paid for the call. Consequently these numbers are generally used to attract new sales calls from consumers and are used to underpin higher value customer service operations. The number owner pays for the cost of the call.

For further information, contact our sister company, Numatel

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